Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly
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Wendy Kelly

Born Melbourne, Australia

Academic History

2010 PhD, Monash University, Faculty of Art and Design
1993 Graduate Diploma, Monash University, Gippsland School of Art
1978 Diploma of Art and Design / Fine Art, Caulfield Institute of Technology

Publications and External Examiner roles

2016 Wendy Kelly: Abstraction within the concerns of visual art language contemporaneously? Ed: Isabel Wunsche and Wiebke Gronemeyer, Practices of Abstract Art: Between Anarchism and Appropriation. Cambridge Scolars Press 2016 Chapter 13.
2013 External Examiner PhD [Research] candidate RMIT University
2012 External Examiner MFA [Research] candidate Charles Darwin University
2012-2013 Wendy Kelly, Catalogue essay, Non-Objective Conversations x 4. Sydney Non-Objective Art Projects (SNO), Sydney 2012 and Visual Art Centre, Latrobe University Gallery, Bendigo 2013.
2012 Duyan, Efe Ed. New Questions on Contemporary Art COTEMP ART '12 Conference Istanbul DAKAM Publishing (D/PB) Istanbul. Wendy Kelly, Problems of the role of Abstraction contemporaneously. P50
2011 Wendy Kelly, Abstraction and its Processes: An Historical and Practical Investigation into Abstract Visual Language, Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG.

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Imbre: The Rain Series, West End Art Space, Melbourne
2019 Ciphering Place. Five Walls Projects, Melbourne. With Magda Cebokli
2019 Book works and bound folio's Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne
2018 Abstract Junctions. Abstract Projects Gallery Paris
2017 Fitzroy Detritus Langford 120, Melbourne
2016 Geometric Progressions Langford 120 Melbourne
2015 Conversations, Langford 120
2015 Wendy Kelly Factory 49, Sydney
2015 'Wendy Kelly Works on Paper'. Langford 120, Melbourne
2014 'Shades of Concealment', Langford 120, Melbourne
2013 'Oblique Interpretations' Factory 49, Sydney
2012 "The Subverted Surface" Factory 49, Sydney
2011 "Undercurrent" fortyfivedownstairs Melbourne
2010 "Along these lines" Monash University Faculty Gallery
2010 Factory 49, Sydney
2008 "Crossing Borders" Depot II Gallery, Sydney
2007 dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
2005 dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
2003 "Removed" dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
2001 "Nulla Dies Sine Linea" dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
King Street Gallery, Sydney
"Textrix" The Church Gallery, Perth
Gallery 482, Brisbane
1999 dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
1998 dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
1997 dianne tanzer gallery, Melbourne
Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
1995 “Coober Pedy Experience”, Riddoch Art Gallery, Mt Gambier Regional Gallery
“Wendy Kelly Now”, Manningham Artspace
1993 “Journey”, Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery
1992 Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
1990 Works on Paper, Judith Pugh Gallery, Melbourne
1985 Pinacotheca, Melbourne
Chisholm College, Latrobe University
1981 Hawthorn City Art Gallery, Melbourne

Awards, Grants and Studio Residencies

2014 NAVA Victorian Bursary to attend Future/Forward Summit, Sydney
2010/2013 Adjunct Research Associate, Monash University, Faculty of Art design and Architecture, Department of Fine Art
2007 Monash University Postgraduate Travel grant Award; Monash University HDR Prato Programme
2001 The Church Gallery, Perth, residency and exhibition
2000 N.S.W. Ministry for the Arts, The Gunnery, Woolloomooloo
1989 Australia Council, V.A.C.B. Artists Development Project Grant
1981 Pioneer Art Award, Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery


State Library of Victoris
National Gallery of Victoria
Art Bank
Monash University Library, Artists Book Collection, Caulfield Campus
La Trobe University Collection
University of Southern Queensland
Private collections

Touring Exhibitions

2012-2013 Non-Objective Conversations x 4. Sydney Non-Objective Art Space and La Trobe University Visual Art Centre, Bendigo. Curated by Wendy Kelly
2007-2008 "The Space Between", VCA Gallery and Bendigo Regional Gallery. Curated by Tara Gilbee
2002 “Indecorous Abstraction”, Light Square Gallery, Adelaide, and Newcontempories Gallery Sydney, Curated by Dr Margo Osbourne
199-2001 “Celebrating the Exquisite corpse”, Bendigo Art Gallery and Monash Art Gallery. Curated by Anonda Bell
1999-2002 “We are Australians”, 10 venues around Australia
1987 “Domestic Contradictions”, Power Gallery of Contemporary Art Sydney, A.C.T. Arts Council Gallery, Shepparton Regional Art Gallery and the Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide Curated by Julie Ewington


2008 Private Commission, Sydney
1999 Centrum Architects, Melbourne
1982 Chisholm College, Latrobe University

Curated and Group Exhibitions

2020 Melbourne Art Book Fair, Great Hall, National Gallery of Victoria
2020 Tacit Gallery, Melbourne
2019 The Paul Guest Collection, Bendigo Regional Gallery
2018 Abstracteighteen, Langford 120 Curated by Stephen Wickham and Wilma Tabacco
2018 Edge, Langford 120 and the Global Centre for Drawing, Curated by Irene Barberis
2018 The Exquisite Palette Tacit Gallery Melbourne
2017 Shades of Grey Tacit Gallery Melbourne
2016 Nearly Monochrome, Five Walls Art Projects, Curated by Stephen Wickham
2016 Unmake/Make/Denouer/ Nouer Factory 49 Pop-up Paris
2016 Shades of Grey Tacit Gallery Melbourne, Curator Emma Langridge
2015 Grid: Matrix Module Myth. Langford 120, Melbourne. Curated by Dr Wilma Tabacco
2015 'Black and White' Spot 81 Gallery Sydney
2014 'Print Matters', Spot 81 Gallery, Sydney
2014 'Art and Books: Against the Odds.' Symposium Exhibition, Otago University Duneden School of Art Gallery, NZ
2014 'Grid Line Pattern: a serial approach.' Gallery Lane Cove, Sydney
2013 Abstraction 13 Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne.
2013 In Line. Langford 120, Curated by Dr Wilma Tabacco
2013 Line upon Line. ParisCONCRET Paris, with Elisia Marchal (Fr) and William James Thurman (USA) Curated by Richard van de Aa
2012 Factory 49 Miami. Stand K 22, Scope, Miami 2012. Curated by Pam Aitkin
2011 Factory 49 exhibition, Galerie bij de Boeken, Netherlands
2011 "Non-Objective Group Show", Art Month Sydney, Factory 49
2010 "Lineate" with Magda Cebokli, Factory 49 Project Space, Sydney
2010 "Non-Objective Group Show", Art Month Sydney, Factory 49
2009 “Folk 1”, SNO Contemporary Art Projects, Sydney. Curated by Dr. Billy Gruner
2009 Monash University Faculty Gallery
2009 Factory 49, Sydney
2004 “White”, The Church Gallery, Perth. Curated by Allison Archer
2004 The Melbourne Art Fair, dianne tanzer gallery
2003 “Distant Noises”, Collaborative Group Exhibition RMIT
2003 “The Future in every Direction”, Joan Clemenger Endowment, Ian Potter Centre, NGV
2003 “Dialogue”, 2pi r Artists Group Exhibition, Monash University Gallery, Prato, Italy
2002 “Persistence of Memory”, 2pi r Group Exhibition, Span Gallery
2002 “Swap”, Perth Gallery
2001 King Street Gallery on Burton
2000 “Last show of the year”, King Street Gallery on Burton, Sydney
2000 The Melbourne Art Fair, dianne tanzer gallery
2000 “Reciprocal Moves”, Warrnambool Art Gallery, curated by Dr Noela Stratford
2000 “On the brink: Abstraction in the 90’s” , Heide Museum of Modern Art. Curated by Kelly Gellatly
1999 2 pi r Artists Group Exhibition, Span Gallery
1998 “Making Waves”, dianne tanzer gallery
1998 Sixth Australian Art Fair, dianne tanzer gallery
1997 “Selected Artists”, dianne tanzer gallery
1995 “Some Women I Know”, La Trobe University
1992 “Homage to Spain”, Melbourne Contemporary Art Gallery
1992 “Small works, wide visions”, Downlands, Toowoomba

Conference Presentations and Selected Artist Lectures

2013 Conference Paper, The Topologies of Materiality and Practice within Abstraction. Panel: Topologies of Practice, Chair, Charles Robb AAANZ Annual Confrence Melbourne.
2013 Conference paper What is the role of Abstraction Contemporaneously, 100 years of Abstract Art: Theory and Practice. School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
2012 Panel Chair"Abstract Relationships together<>apart AAANZ Annual Conference, Sydney
2012 Conference paper"The problem of the role of Abstract Art Contemporaneously". Contemp Art 12, Mimar Sionan Fine Art University, Istanbul, Turkey. International conference
2011 "Undercurrent" fortyfivedownstairs gallery, two Artists lectures.
2008 Bendigo Art Gallery, "The Space Between" exhibition
2007 Monash PhD Seminar
2005 RMIT
2003 Moorabbin TAFE
2001 Monash University Lunch time lecture series
2001 Edith Cowen University, Perth
2001 Perth Institute of TAFE

Group Exhibitions Since 1990

2016 Shortlisted Albany Art Prize
2014 Shortlisted The 38th Alice Prize, Alice Springs
2013 Factory 49 Annual group exhibition
2011 Factory 49 Annual group exhibition
2010 Scope Gallery, Warnambool
2010 Factory 49 group, Sydney
2009 Factory 49 group, Sydney
2009 "30x30x30", Monash University Faculty Gallery
2008 The Tallis Foundation Works on Paper prize, Mornington Regional Gallery
2008 2 pi r Artists Group, Red Gallery
2007 The Savage prize, Melbourne
2006 2 pi r Artists Group, Span Galleries
2005 Geelong Contemporary Art Prize
2002 Out Back Art Prize Works on Paper Broken Hill NSW
2002 Geelong Contemporary Art Prize
2001 Hazelhurst Art Award Works on Paper
1997 Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart
1997 First Darebin - La Trobe Acquisitive Art Prize
1995 Save Albert Park 9x5 Invitation Exhibition
1995 Nillumbik Invitation Art Award
1995 Mornington Peninsula Spring Festival of Drawing


Exhibition Catalogue Essays

The Paul Guest Collection, Bendigo Regional Gallery P 28 and160
2014 Stupples, Peter. Art and Book: Against the odds. Exhibition Catalogue, University of Ontago, Dunedin School of Art Gallery NZ
2014 Richard van de Aa, ParisCONCRET 2009 - 2014 P105
2011 Dr Anne Bennett, "Interlacing Materality and Meaning through Abstraction and its Processes"
2011 "Undercurrent" fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne
2001 Dr Margo Osborne, “Indecorous Abstraction 1. Contemporary Women Painters” Light Square Gallery, Adelaide, and “Indecorous Abstraction 2”, Newcontemoraries, Sydney 2001
2001 Kelly Gellatly, “Nulla Dies Sine Linea”, dianne tanzer gallery, 2001
2001 Paul Hinchliffe, “Textrix”, The Church Gallery, June 2001
2000 Dr. Noela Stratford, “Reciprocal Moves”, Warrnambool Art Gallery, 2000
1999 2 Pi r Artists Group Exhibition, Catalogue, 1999
1997 Anna Clabburn, “Waxing Linear”, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, 1997
1995 Roger Palmer, “Wendy Kelly Landscapes: Matters of Place, Time and Identity”, 1995, Riddoch Art Gallery, Mt. Gambier
1992 I. McCulkin, “Small Works Wide Visions”, Catalogue, Downlands Exhibition, 1992
1987 Julie Ewington, “Domestic Contradictions”, 1987, Power Gallery of Contemporary Art, Page 5, Illustration, Page 11
1987 Women 150, “150 Victorian Women Artists”, Illustration

Articles & Newspapers

2006 Alan Mc Culloch, Susan McCulloch and Emily Mc Culloch-Childs, The New McCulloch’s Encyclopaedia of Australian Art, Aus Art Editions, The Miegunyah Press, Melbourne, Page 569
2005 Jeff Makin, “Critic’s Choice”, Herald Sun, April 4, 2005, Page 89
2005 Megan Backhouse "Reading between the threads”, The Age, April 9.2005, A2, Page 9
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